tiff's notes

tiff's notes

You know what I like more than these materialistic things? Knowledge.

-Tai Lopez

Hey! 👋🏽 This is a Zettelkasten to collect knowledge on different web development topics so I can be not just a competent engineer but a good one.

Here you'll find notes from different courses, blog posts, and books I've read on the topic of React, web development, JavaScript, API design, and backend engineering, perhaps maybe even a little DevOps.

You can jump around the site using the Wiki links below.



Blog posts

A collection of blog posts sourced in these zettles.

Math/Programming Explorations

Progamming has made me better at math. So now I want to explore the connection betweeen math and programming.


Core JavaScript concepts to remember in case you forget [[Basic JavaScript]]


Concepts like Big O Notation, time and space complexity [[Data Structures]]

tiff's notes